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Lisa at reflexology auckland stands out as the best experience I’ve had in recent months. Her hospitality is exceptional, and their reflexology treatments are incredibly soothing. Plus, their rates are very reasonable.

Georga M

Avondale Auckland

Reflex Auckland

Welcome to Reflexology Auckland, where we specialize in enhancing your well-being through reflexology and Indian head massage. Our focus is on providing holistic care, particularly for women and children.

Our founder, Lisa Campbell, is a certified reflexologist committed to your health. She continuously updates her skills, including in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Menopause Reflexology.

As a proud member of Reflexology New Zealand, Lisa ensures that each treatment is tailored to meet your individual health needs. Visit us to experience the benefits of our expert care in a serene and supportive environment.

Holistic Wellness

Our holistic approach combines reflexology and massage to promote physical and emotional health through natural healing processes.

Beauty and Balance

Our treatments enhance beauty and balance, alleviating stress and fostering both inner peace and outer radiance. A must try.

Therapeutic Techniques

Specializing in reflexology and Indian head massage, we tailor sessions to relieve stress, promote lymphatic drainage, and support overall wellness.









Meet our team

Lisa Campbell – Our founder, Lisa Campbell, is a highly skilled reflexologist committed to providing personalized care. She specializes in techniques that promote holistic wellness and has extensive training in reflexology lymphatic drainage and menopause wellness.

Lisa Campbell 

Founder and expert reflexologist dedicated to enhancing holistic wellness through specialized treatments.

Lisa Campbell at Reflexology Auckland is fantastic! Her reflexology sessions have significantly improved my wellness. Highly recommended for anyone seeking effective holistic care.

Rani M

Henderson Auckland